Farm-to-Institution Data Now Added


New Data Layers:

As we began researching how institutions, such as hospitals, public schools and universities are tapping into the local food system, we realized we needed to add a new category of data to the map. So we've added it. You'll now find "Institutions" as a new category.. Some of these data were previously in the "Points of Interest" category, namely hospitals and schools, but will now reside in the new layer. We will continue adding to this category as we gather new data about food budgets and how much is spent on local and sustainable food.

  • Institutions
    • Hospitals – Health care facilities where patients receive specialized care. This includes standard hospitals, mental health facilities, and rehabilitation care centers. Each data point includes information about how large the facility is by number of beds, and whether the hospital is part of the Maryland Hospital Association.
    • K-12 Public Schools – There are point data that show the location of all elementary, middle and high public schools, with additional information about the total number of students and how many are eligible for free or reduced meal benefits. In addition, we display data by county with statistics, including:
      • Breakfasts Served Annually
      • Lunches Served Annually
      • Breakfasts and Lunches Served Annually
      • % Eligible for Free and Reduced Price Meals
    • Universities or Colleges – Public and independent colleges and universities accredited by the Maryland Higher Education Commission. We included specific information about food service providers, Real Food Challenge participants, and whether or not they have a campus farm or garden, and a farmers market.

Updates to Existing Data:

  • Demographics – the following four data layers have been updated with information from the 2008-2012 Multi-year American Communities Survey 5-year estimates.
    • 185% Federal Poverty Level
    • 200% Federal Poverty Level
    • Median Household Income
    • % No Vehicles Available


All of these new data layers are defined in the "Glossary" in the "About the Map" section.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to clear your cache on your web browser if you are not able to see the new layers of data in the left hand menu. Here is a wiki page that explains how to do this on all browsers. Please email us with any questions.

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