NEW DATA! Agriculture, Processing and Distribution Data Added to the Map


Happy GIS Day! We are pleased to send out our latest newsletter on the heels of a successful GIS Day Open House! On November 14th, we joined in the celebration of geography and mapping by opening our doors to Johns Hopkins University faculty and students.

As promised, we have added new data to our online map. Under the agriculture section, you will find additional Census of Agriculture data including: 

  • Land in Agriculture
  • Labor Statistics
  • Organic Agriculture

In addition, we have expanded our Local Farms listings so that you can view selected sub-categories of the list, such as: 

  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs
  • Certified Organic Farms
  • Farms that sell at Farmers Markets
  • Dairy, and Livestock and Poultry Farms

Finally, we are especially excited to share with you our newest data set – Processing and Distribution data! We have scoured every possible data source for listings of all types of food processors and distributors throughout Maryland. Currently, this data is available in broad categories – All Food Processing, Animal Slaughter Facilities, and Distributors – but we are working to delve deeper and mine this data for more specific and useful information.

All of these new data layers are defined in the "Glossary" in the "About the Map" section.

NOTE: Remember to clear your cache on your web browser if you are not able to see the new layers of data in the left hand menu. Here is a wiki page that explains how to do this on all browsers. Please email us with any questions.

Food: An Atlas

In other news, we are excited to be contributors to Food: An Atlas, "a cooperatively-created, crowd-sourced and crowd-funded project of guerrilla cartography and publishing." This project aims to collect maps about all aspects of the food system, from all over the world. We will have a Baltimore and a Maryland map in the final atlas. There will be a printed copy and website, which we will share once it goes public. Stay tuned!

The Maryland Food System Map can be accessed at Users can subscribe on the website to receive notices when new layers are added to the map. As always, if you have any questions or feedback for us, please email us at You can find a link to the Baltimore Food History Map from the "Special Projects" section of the Maryland Food System Map website.

Users can subscribe on the website to receive notices when new layers are added to the map.


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