Projects interactive maps and reports using GIS done by CLF staff.

What Does Maryland Food Policy Mean?

This interactive story map uses photos, text, maps and other media to show examples of food policy in Maryland. Each tab features a story for one of Maryland’s food councils and highlights policy hurdles and triumphs across food systems sectors.

Food-env-200x200Stories from the Orchard

An interactive Story Map that highlights Civic Works Baltimore Orchard Project, a program that strengthens communities through planting and cultivating orchards in and around Baltimore City.

B'More Farm & Food MapB’more Farm and Food Map

The B’More Farm and Food Map shows locations of urban farms in Baltimore City and the restaurants markets and mobile market sites where their food is available.

Local Food Purchasing: Maryland Universities and Colleges

Use this map to get to know farmers who sell their products directly to institutions or through a distributor, and the colleges and universities who make an effort to provide local foods in their cafeterias.

Baltimore City Food Environment Map and Report

Research conducted in partnership with the Baltimore Food Policy Initiative – focused on food retail and healthy food availability – and analysis using GIS technology to identify gaps and opportunities in Baltimore City’s food environment.

Urban Soil Safety MapUrban Soil Safety Map

This interactive map shows the locations of community gardens, school gardens, and urban farms in Baltimore City along with current and prior hazardous waste sites identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).