Assessing Maryland’s Cattle Slaughter Capacity

Assessing mds cattle slaughter-1The Maryland Food System Map Project recently worked with Eliza Davenport Whiteman, a dual Master’s candidate at Tufts University in the Agriculture, Food and Environment Program at the Friedman School of Nutrition and the Department of Urban and Environmental Planning and Policy, to conduct an analysis of slaughterhouse location and capacity in Maryland. The goal was to understand the ability of slaughter facilities to provide services for farmers raising livestock in Maryland. Eliza’s results are enlightening: while certain regions of the state have ample nearby slaughter capacity, other regions lack accessible slaughter facilities. Also, overall, the state has the capacity to slaughter more livestock than is produced within its borders, but may not have the same processing capacity (which was not directly addressed in this study). This research can lead to further in-depth analysis of slaughter and processing opportunities and limitations in Maryland.