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The B'More Farm and Food Map shows locations of urban farms in Baltimore City, and the restaurants, markets and mobile market sites where their food is available. The map was created to help local residents find food grown on these farms. Larger farms sell their products to a range of markets, including local restaurants, while smaller farms tend to only sell products in the communities where they are located, through either farm stands, mobile markets or neighborhood stores. As more people seek out and request food grown on urban farms, more demand will be created. So far, these urban farms have responded to such demand quickly and efficiently, expanding their production and sales. By using this map you may be able to help create demand and bolster the urban agriculture movement.


  1. Urban farms are defined as any location within city limits that produces food for sale. So while community gardens may produce a significant amount of food, it is typically not sold, but rather grown for personal consumption or free distribution within a community. These are important community resources to support. For more information, see Parks & People's Community Greening Resource Network.
  2. The farms shown on the map test soil regularly, as producing food in an urban environment can create additional soil contamination risks. These farms are careful and make sure the food they produce and sell is safe for human consumption, as well as fresh and delicious! If you are interested in growing food yourself in the city, please test your soil. You can learn more on the Center for a Livable Future’s Urban Soil Safety Page.
  3. Urban farms are also selling to mobile food trucks. However, because food trucks move around so often these are not displayed on our map.

This is a project of CLF's Maryland Food System Map. Please contact us with any questions at